A GOP presidential campaign (the name is being withheld to protect the guilty) sent out this desperate fundraising email appeal earlier today…

“This is the email I really hoped I wouldn’t have to write.  You see, I just received an update from my campaign manager — the news is not good.  Let me be blunt: We are dangerously close to falling behind our November fundraising target, and I have less than 15 hours to turn it around.”

Indeed, we are such good friends that the candidate calls me “friend” rather than my, you know, actual name!

Anyway, this is such a stale cookie-cutter ploy that it could have come from almost any campaign for any office at any level in any state.  Indeed, compare it to this one from the finance director of Democrat congressional candidate Erin Bilbray sent out way back on March 31, 2014…

“I’ll be brief.  I just left a meeting with Erin, and I let her know with just 14 hours to go before our first fundraising deadline of the year we’re $5,437.14 away from hitting our crucial goal.”

Now, maybe these kinds of desperate email appeals work.  But personally, I think they’re an insult to the intelligence of the candidate’s supporters.

Then again, maybe that’s just me.