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Powerful New Technique for Converting “Not Homes” to Diehard Supporters!

OK, here’s how most candidates knock on doors…

They generate a walk list. They start walking door-to-door. Often more than half the people aren’t home. So they leave a campaign card or door hanger on the door…which, if it doesn’t blow away, usually gets thrown away, and probably without being read.

Complete waste of time and money right?

It doesn’t have to be. Not if you take advantage of a new quick, easy, inexpensive way to almost guarantee that not-home voter will remember you on Election Day. Here’s what you do…

First, you need to walk with a companion armed with a smart-phone or digital camera. When you get to a door and no one answers, stand in front of the house and wave to the camera with a big smile on your face.

Then using the services of a company named Send Out Cards, create a very unique/very personal postcard with the words “Sorry I Missed You!” on the front over the photo of you standing in front of the voter’s home.

On the back of the card add a short, personal message addressed to the voter by name. Something along the lines of…

Dear Jim and Linda,

I stopped by your house on (day) hoping to ask your opinion about some issues related to my campaign for (insert office sought here).

I still hope to catch up with you during the course of this election. In the meantime, here’s my campaign website address where you can get more information on how I think I can best represent you: www.ChuckMuth.com

Also, if you’d like to schedule a specific time for me to stop by and meet with you and/or some of your neighbors, my personal contact information is below. All the best.

Chuck Muth
Personal phone: (702) 942-3291
Personal email: chuck@chuckmuth.com

P.S. Please tape this card to your refrigerator and remember to take it with you on Election Day!

Now let’s talk about this a little before I explain the technical “how to” and costs…

    1. People rarely receive postcards any longer these days – let alone one featuring their own home! – so it will definitely stand out in the mail and command the voter’s attention.
    1. Because it’s unlikely the voter will have received anything like this from any other candidate (at least until everyone else reads this and starts imitating you), it is highly unlikely they’ll throw your postcard away the way they would if it was a traditional campaign flyer. In fact, the postcard will be so unique and unusual, there’s a good chance they’ll show it and share it with friends, family and coworkers.
    1. The postcard bears the name(s) of the voter(s) from that household in the salutation. And as I’m sure you know, there is little more beautiful to an individual than the sight of their own name.
    1. Note that your message is that you stopped by to ask for their opinion, not sell them on your candidacy. People LOVE giving their opinions; they hate being sold.

You have subtly inserted your campaign website’s address for them to get more information. This is not a hard-sell tactic, so it will be more openly received.

    1. You put the thought in their head that not only are you willing to come back to their home without being pushy about it, but you plant the idea of them holding a “house party” with their neighbors and friends.
    1. Nothing says “accessible” and “special” like giving someone your personal phone number and personal email address. And believe me, most people will never take advantage of the opportunity to contact you at either. But the very fact that you trusted them enough to give both will dramatically boost your stock in their eyes.
  1. Don’t expect them to think about taping your postcard to their refrigerator…suggest it! Many will.

Again, because this is SO personal and because it includes a picture of THEIR house, it’s far more likely that they’ll keep this postcard than keep a traditional campaign brochure or flyer. And how much more so if the voter is home and lets you snap a photo of the two of you together!

Now hang on, because I still haven’t gotten to the best parts of this yet…

As soon as your volunteer has the photo you want from in front of the house, you email or text it – along with the voter’s name and address – to whomever back at the office is going to be in charge of executing this door-to-door follow-up project.

And don’t worry if you don’t have an office or paid staff. This part of the process can be completed by any dependable volunteer who knows how to get on the Internet, type, and click a mouse.

Once the “fulfillment” volunteer receives the photo and the voter’s contact information, they’ll go to Send Out Cards’ website, select a pre-written/pre-designed postcard, upload the photo, paste it on the front of the postcard, personalize the greeting with the voter’s name, enter the mailing address, and…

And then with just a few clicks of the mouse, Send Out Cards will take care of the rest!

They will print the card on high-quality coated stock – just like a “real” postcard. They’ll address the card. They’ll affix first-class postage and put it in the mail for you. And anything submitted to them before midnight Mountain Time will go out the very next day!

So the “labor” and “material” involved from your campaign consists of pretty much nothing.

Again, all you need is someone to enter a little information on a website and…viola!

But the best part…is the cost.

The first-class postage is 34-cents – as opposed to 49-cents if you send the typical template “Sorry I Missed You” form letter. The cost to print, address, stamp and mail the card = 62 cents…for a total cost of just 96 cents each…

To make a lasting impression with a voter you never even met or spoke with that very well could carry over all the way to Election Day.

But that’s not all…

Send Out Cards doesn’t just send out postcards. It can send out any kind of greeting card you want, including a traditional greeting card for holidays, birthdays, thank you’s, etc.

In fact, you can set it up so that a personalized “Happy Birthday” card is automatically sent out to every voter in your district if you want…providing you have every voter’s date of birth from the election department.

This is also perfect for sending a thank you card to folks who donate money to your campaign. Again, as the checks or credit card contributions are processed, all someone has to do is design a template campaign thank you card, personalize the greeting, enter the donor’s name and mailing address, click the mouse a couple of times…and Send Out Cards does the rest.

But wait. It gets better still…

Send Out Cards doesn’t just send out cards. They also provide a wide range of high-quality, affordable mailable gifts for major donors. (My favorite is the chocolate brownies!)

After you use the service just a couple of times, it’s REALLY easy and fast – and the impact on your donors or voters will be tremendous. Plus you can give it a test drive for free. The cost of the card and postage are on me!

Just go to: https://www.sendoutcards.com/chuckmuth

Once there, scroll down to the bottom right of the screen and click on “Send a Card.” The next page will ask if you want “an automated walk-through” for the process. I recommend you choose “yes.” I’m pretty adept at copy-and-pasting and using a text editor, but I still found it very helpful to just follow the video walk-through the first time.

And lastly, if you have any problems at all, I’ve found the SOC “Help” desk to be extremely efficient and friendly.

If you believe “all politics is personal,” it doesn’t get much more personal than this!