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  • The 7 ways to raise money for your campaign or organization – and which is #1 (the answer might surprise you)
  • When it comes to fundraising, here’s the #1 thing “that separates a good candidate from a bad candidate”
  • The 4 key motivations that cause people to give to your campaign or cause
  • A secret little tip that will help ANYONE (yes, even you!) overcome any uncomfortable feelings about asking for money
  • Whether small campaigns should devote time and money to online fundraising
  • 3 main ways to accept online contributions – and which is best for you
  • Why the simplest, best-known way to take online contributions may be the worst thing you can do
  • How to maximize your fundraising when running against a candidate who’s “done some crazy stuff”
  • How much of your own money, if any, you should invest in your campaign – and why
  • How much time you should devote to fund-raising vs. vote-raising
  • The biggest mistake people make with fundraising events – and the full-proof way to avoid it
  • The most important people you need for a highly successful fundraising event – and it’s not the donors!
  • How making one little, no-cost addition to your event can QUADRUPLE your revenue with absolutely ZERO risk to you whatsoever
  • And much, much more…

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“How to Raise
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