Campaign Hot Tips (twitter)Road Warrior

Because of an extensive week-plus of travel, this issue of Fast Start Fundraising is only going to include one item – but boy, is it a doozy.

First, real quick about the trip(s)…

First, I spent four days last weekend in Los Angeles attending James Malinchak’s boot camp on public speaking, book-writing and marketing.  Incredible conference.  And I’m going to share a TON of gold-plated campaign tips I picked up from Malinchak with Winners Circle members in the next issue of Psephology Today.

I then spent a day driving back to L.A. this week to meet with direct response marketing expert Craig Huey, and I can’t wait to get him on a Winners Circle “House Call” CD interview.  Not only is Craig a bona fide marketing guru, but he’s a bona fide POLITICAL marketing guru.

I then left L.A. and drove to San Diego for my monthly mastermind meeting with my own personal marketing coach, Henry Evans, who helped me with some finishing touches on a new fundraising book I have coming out, hopefully by the end of this month.

And this morning, right after this email goes out, I’ll be heading to the airport for a three-day business trip to Washington, DC where, thanks to Congress being out of session, I should be able to actually get some productive work accomplished.

So enjoy the following Fast Start Fundraising tip, and I’ll try to get the regular serving size of tips back into next week’s e-newsletter.

Dr. Chuck Muth, PsD
The Campaign Doctor

How to “Show Up Like Nobody Else”

One of the biggest reasons many of you don’t get anywhere near the number of donations you should be getting – especially first-time candidate who have to “cold call” prospective contributors – is that you go about your fundraising in the same way that every other candidate goes about fundraising.

Instead, if you really want to raise the big bucks you need to “show up like nobody else.”

Click here to watch a 7-minute video of an absolute genius of way to “show up like nobody else” and grab the attention of a prospect who has never heard of you.

This is direct response marketing at its finest.  And if you start to think along similar lines, it’ll work for your fundraising just as it works for retail sales.

Famous Last Words

“(In our study), pure praise did not have to be accurate to work.  Positive comments produced just as much liking for the flatterer when they were untrue as when they were true.  Apparently we have such an automatically positive reaction to compliments that we can fall victim to someone who uses them in an obvious attempt to win our favor.”  – Prof. Robert Cialdini, author of “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”