Fast Start Fundraising: August 2, 2014

You and your donors: Who’s the sidekick? Jeff Brooks of the Future Fundraising Now blog highlights the mindset your campaign or organization must possess if you truly want to be successful at fundraising… Do you think of your donors as heroes? How about as superheroes? The 101fundraising blog has some suggestions at “Treat donors like […]

Fast Start Fundraising: July 26, 2014

3 Quick Ways to Raise More Money at Your Next Event “Fundraising events are a staple of non-profit development,” writes Joe Garecht of The Fundraising Authority.  “Yet so many organizations that rely on events are consistently disappointed with the amount they raise through this method.  Today, we present three quick tips for raising more money […]

Fast-Start Fundraising: July 19, 2014

The 4 Questions You Need to Ask to See if Your Fundraising is on the Right Track “If you’re wondering whether or not your fundraising is headed in the right direction, I’ve got news for you: healthy development programs require a lot more than just steadily increasing revenue,” writes Joe Garecht at The Fundraising Authority. […]

Fast Start Fundraising: July 12, 2014

Mixing New Fundraising Tools with the Old “What I don’t like,” writes Pamela Barden in Fundraising Success Magazine, “is fundraising programs that don’t raise funds and the attitude that it has to be ‘either/or’ when it comes to things like email and direct mail or social media and newsletters. I much prefer ‘both/and.’ “Conversely, you […]

Fast Start Fundraising: July 5, 2014

7 Secrets of Successful Fundraising There’s actually nothing remotely mysterious about the practice of fundraising,” blogs fundraiser Tobin Aldrich, “but if you’ll accept the rhetorical flourish, here are my secrets for how to be successful in all types of fundraising.” Believe in the cause Take the long view Have a plan Focus on what’s important […]

Fast Start Fundraising: June 28, 2014

How to Write Sales Copy Like a Pro (Even if you’re a rookie) Whether you are writing your own fundraising letters or having someone else do it for you, here’s a simple formula structure to make sure it’s being written correctly and effectively, courtesy of copywriter Julie Boswell… STEP 1 – Point out who your […]

Campaign Hot Tips: June 2, 2014

Good News, Bad News, Good News, Better News As we enter the dog days of summer campaigning, I’m making a bit of a change in my publishing operation. The good news is I’m going to be publishing Campaign Hot Tips (almost) daily, Monday through Friday, starting today. The bad news is starting today Campaign Hot […]

Campaign Hot Tips: April 23, 2014

Your Baby Is Ugly. Congratulations! The ‘baby’ I’m referring to is the design of your web pages.  After all those screaming bouts with your designers and developers over web designs, after all the experimentation with splash pages and all-flash sites, some experts, whose views as trend analysts I value, say we may be on the […]

Campaign Hot Tips: March 10, 2014

In Fundraising, Silence has Power “If a candidate is especially new at the fundraising process,” writes Kirsten Borman in Campaigns & Elections, “they’ll often rush through each step of their fundraising calls to get to the critical ‘ask’ portion.  They’re in such a hurry that they scarcely give their donor a moment to get a […]

Campaign Hot Tips: February 21, 2014

5 Tweet Formulas to Engage Your Voters & Donors “Many business owners fall into the trap of using Twitter as a soapbox, rather than a tool for conversation,” writes Ali Brown. Ditto candidates, campaigns and grassroots organizations.  So here are five Tweet formulas to follow that will help you better engage those who are following […]

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