Campaign Hot Tips: March 10, 2014

In Fundraising, Silence has Power “If a candidate is especially new at the fundraising process,” writes Kirsten Borman in Campaigns & Elections, “they’ll often rush through each step of their fundraising calls to get to the critical ‘ask’ portion.  They’re in such a hurry that they scarcely give their donor a moment to get a […]

Campaign Hot Tips: February 21, 2014

5 Tweet Formulas to Engage Your Voters & Donors “Many business owners fall into the trap of using Twitter as a soapbox, rather than a tool for conversation,” writes Ali Brown. Ditto candidates, campaigns and grassroots organizations.  So here are five Tweet formulas to follow that will help you better engage those who are following […]

Campaign Hot Tips: February 14, 2014

Tell Me a Story When speaking or writing about your campaign, people really don’t want to hear a bunch of facts and figures or esoteric debating points of philosophical principle.  They want to hear stories.  Real-life, genuine stories about how you’re going to help them. But in case you’re not a master story teller, here’s […]

Campaign Hot Tips: January 27, 2014

Saturday Mail Delivery As campaigns well know, the Saturday before Election Day is the last day you can be sure your campaign mail will be delivered on time, with Monday as a back-up just in case.  Well, good news, courtesy of the Associated Press… “The $1.1 trillion budget plan to fund the government contains a […]

Campaign Hot Tips: January 12, 2013

Good News for Conservative Republicans with Primaries The latest Gallup Poll survey shows that 70 percent of Republicans identify themselves as conservatives while only 23 percent describe themselves as moderates, and 5 percent as liberals.  And in GOP primaries, that conservative margin is clearly far greater. No wonder so many under-funded underdog tea party candidates […]

5 Quick-Tips for GOP Candidates with Primaries

Another great “Call-in Day” with Winners Circle members yesterday.  I gotta tell ya, I think I get as much out of these calls as the candidates and campaign managers do! Here are five ideas that came up in various “brainstorming” talks with candidates facing GOP primary races this year; a couple of which also apply […]

Campaign Hot Tips: January 2, 2013

Sticking Your 3-Cents In The post office has been bleeding red ink for many, many years now…and effective later this month you’ll be paying a little bit more to help the USPS dig out from the hole.  A “temporary” 3-cent hike in first class postage will kick in on January 26, 2014.  However, if you […]

Taking Field Op Pages from Oppo Camp’s Playbook…Literally

By most accounts, the Left really knows how to run a ground game in political campaigns. By most accounts, the Right really knows how to TALK about how to run a ground game in political campaigns. For those of you who want to see exactly what the Left is teaching their grassroots activists for field […]

Campaign Signs + Microsites = Low-Cost Power Combination

I had some very good and very interesting calls with Winners Circle members on this Tuesday’s “Call-In Day.” Sometimes the answer to a question isn’t a simple yes or no or black or white.  Sometimes the Winners Circle member and I just brainstorm a challenge and see what we come up with together.  Such was […]

Campaign Hot Tips: November 27, 2013

5 Email Design Mistakes to Avoid this Holiday Season “To help you get noticed and stand out from the crowd this holiday season,” Ryan Pinkham of Constant Contact writes, “here are five design mistakes all nonprofits (including political campaigns) need to avoid” in their holiday and end-of-year fundraising emails… 1. Overwhelming readers with holiday cheer […]