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My name is Chuck Muth and I’m known as “The Campaign Doctor.”  Yes, I’ve given myself that illustrious name – which is driving some in the medical profession absolutely bonkers!

I’m the son of a Baltimore City firefighter and stay-at-home mom.  My dad went to night-school to get his college degree… then served four years in the Maryland House of Delegates.  And my kid brother once worked for a U.S. congressman. More….

Winners Circle

  • “I am a recipient of your Winner’s Circle newsletter.  Thanks for all the information you provide.  It’s very helpful.  I very much appreciate the content of the articles, as well as the content contained on the monthly interview CD’s.” – Craig Briscoe, Ft. Myers, Florida

  • “The Winners Circle provides key information you need to WIN.  Chuck paves the way for you, but you must make the drive to the finish line yourself.  I highly recommend deep study and application of this extremely valuable, exceptional information that you won’t easily find anywhere else.  YOU NEED THIS!” – Tony Yarbrough, Reno, Nevada

  • “It is Psephology Today and the Winner’s Circle that helped get me to where I am today.  I am the one that took notes on your campaign guides and kept them on my desk.  I am the one that turned your advice into my actions.  I am the one that listened to your CDs in my car instead of the radio.  And look where I am today.  Keep up the great work Chuck.  You do more than you know.” – Phillip Regeski, P.E.

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Send Out Cards

Powerful New Technique for Converting “Not Homes” to Diehard Supporters!

OK, here’s how most candidates knock on doors…

They generate a walk list.  They start walking door-to-door.  Often more than half the people aren’t home.  So they leave a campaign card or door hanger on the door…which, if it doesn’t blow away, usually gets thrown away, and probably without being read.

Complete waste of time and money right?  More…


Lesson from Trump ’16: How to Put “Soul” into Your Campaign

Over a year ago I wrote…

“The thing the ‘experts’ are missing is that Donald Trump is not running a political campaign; he’s running a marketing campaign. He’s not telling them what they want to hear; he’s making them feel the way they want to feel.”


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